About us

Baking YO YO's for over 40 years

The Farmers Yo Yo’s are home-made, hand-made, ALL NATURAL AUSTRALIAN INGREDIENTS, gourmet, rustic, wholesome Yo-Yo’s!

The Farmers Yo Yo family started baking on their Benhar Station (NSW) Wheat and Sheep farm over 40 years ago.

Literally from the grass roots of the farm’s grain crops, The Farmers Yo Yo is now a family business baking for anyone who loves Yo-Yo’s; using only the finest of all natural, all Australian Ingredients.

Your taste buds are in the best of hands.

Treat yourself today, to a Farmer’s Yo-Yo. They’re a little bit of melt-in-your-mouth taste of bliss. You will keep coming back for more.